Your support of natural coconut sugar has ensured that there is an entire community of farmers across Banyumas region in Java that obtains nectar from the flowers of coconut palm trees, which is then ultimately turned into coconut sugar.

  • We provide extensive training and support regarding organic farming practices and how to get the most value out of coconut tree sap.
  • With our cooperation with the entire community, we have managed to get our farmers well above the threshold of the poverty line. In fact they have gone onto witness as much as a 200 percent rise in their income!
  • When it comes to the harvesting and processing procedures, all the money generated remains within the community. Efficient supply chain has been put in place to ensure the same.

Thus, in conclusion, by adding coconut sugar to your day-to-day regimen of sweeteners, you are not only making a very big difference to your own health and well-being – as well as that of those you love, you are also giving back to society, especially those who may be halfway round the globe from you and yet play a critical role in ensuring that you have the purest form of coconut sugar on your table.


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