Our Story

Indonesia is the largest coconut producer in the world.Our company is located in Banyumas region, the center of organic coconut sugar production in Indonesia.After more than 10 years we exist for the nation and continue to supply to various regions into the country be it companies, SMEs, and individuals now we are ready to supply to various regions outside Indonesia too.
We are trusted supplier of coconut sugar (granule,cube,shell and block). We supply organic and conventional coconut sugar

Our Mission

We want to improve the standard of living of traditional coconut farmers who have been lacking a decent life because of limited access to sell their products due to a lack of adequate facilities and knowledge.

Our Vision

Promote traditional Indonesian coconut farmers, especially in the Banyumas area, who have been less successful so far, to become successful farmers both in terms of a decent life, knowledge and ability to compete with other farmers around the world.

Meet Our Team

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